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Sensual Bratty Perfect

Goddess Maven May

About Me

Hello there pet. I am Goddess Maven May.

I have been a pro dominatrix since 2018. My dominance courses through my veins, my confidence and success fuels me to do better, reach higher and constantly strive for the best life has to offer. I always get what I want, and do whatever it takes to make it happen. No isn't an option when it comes to me, or my life. Not only am I a pro Domme, I live BDSM 24/7 in a female led relationship. I deserve the best, I expect the best.

I was born to rule over men, guide them, show them what true pleasure feels like. Servitude is a privilege of the highest order. I want you to ache for me, crave to please me. Fuel your desire to serve. Your devotion starts here. Are you ready to take the leap?


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